YAF 2011
Conference on Contemporary Architecture Beyond Corbusierism
14-16 October, 2011/ Chandigarh, INDIA
Individual/ Group entries are invited from bonafide students of architecture for : Please Click


The exhibition on building materials shall be held on 13 16 October, 2011 at Himachal Bhawan Madhya Marg, Sector 28, Chandigarh
Detail Of Charges For Expo Stalls:

Ordinary Locations

Category Area Covered ( Sq. Meter) Rate per sq.mtr Total Charges per stall (Rs.) Stall Nos.
Ord I 11 3750 41250.00 8,10,15,17
Ord II 9 3750 33750.00 9,16,30,32
Ord III 6 3750 22500.00 5,6,7,11,14,18,19,20

Special Locations

Category Special Locations Area Covered
( Sq. Meter)
Extra charges for special location Total Charges per stall (Rs.) Stall Nos.
Spc I
Entrance & Corner
30 30% 146250.00 25,33
Spc II
19 15% 81937.50 29,31
Entrance & Corner
13.5 30% 65812.00 26,34
Spc VI
Semi Corner
15 10% 61875.00 27,35
Spc V
11 15% 47437.50 2,4,21,23
Spc VI
Entrance & Corner
8 30% 39000.00 1,24
9 15% 38812.50 3,22
9 15% 38812.50 28,36
Spc IX
Tea Junction
6 15% 25875.00 12,13

Note :  All charges will be on Sq.mtr basis. Charges of chamfered booths at ends may increase or decrease by  2 to 5% as per site. Rate per sq.mtr 3750/-

Rules & Regulations :

    1. All charges of  stall shall be paid in advance at the time of booking .
    2. The stall/s will be confirmed, allotted and HALL PASS will be issued there of only on receipt of full payment, otherwise the organizers reserve the right to re-let the stall/s and retain any sum already received.
    3. The stall/s can neither be transferred nor shared with others without the prior Written permission of the organizers.
    4. No refund of stall charges in case of failure to participate.
    5. In any case Hall Pass or Possession of Stall/s will not be given unless the full payment is received by the organizer.
    6. The possession of stall/s (only against HALL PASS) will be given on 13 Oct 2011 9:00 a.m.
    7. Exhibitor must carry ‘HALL PASS’ while taking the possession of stall/s.
    8. Exhibitor will have to complete all the works connected with display, arrangement and  interior etc. of his stall/s positively by 1:00 p.m. on 13 Oct 2011 .
    9. Under any circumstances no exhibitor is allowed to drive screw/nail on the exterior/interior shell of the stall. Any damage done shall be made good by the exhibitor at actual.
    10.  No exhibitor shall be allowed to stick or paste any business promotional material on the walls of the exhibition premises.
    11. Every exhibitor is prohibited from sticking, putting, hanging any poster/banner and any such business promotional material on the entrance gate of exposition site, main entrance of exposition hall and its sides, reception counter and lounge.
    12. The exhibitor is strictly prohibited to occupy any space (in length, width or height) outside his stall/s. Any exhibit or such other thing must not obstruct the full width of the passage.
    13. Storage of empty cases, extra exhibits or any such material will not be permitted anywhere in the exhibition areas. Such material must be removed from the exhibition areas positively by 12:30 p.m. on 13 October 2011.
    14. Under all circumstances the vacant possession of stall/s must be given to the organizers within four hours immediately after the exhibition is officially over on 16October 2011. Otherwise, the organizers will have the right to dismantle the same at the risk and cost of the exhibitor.
    15. Cleanliness and maintenance of stall/s will be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.
    16. No stall/s be left unattended during the exhibition is on. Exhibitor or his representative must remain present at the time of opening and closing of exhibition on all days.
    17. No flammable liquids like kerosene, petrol, diesel, etc. may be kept in the stall. Smoking is totally prohibited inside the exhibition area.
    18. Although, general fire safety and power generators for emergency lights will be provided by the organizers, each exhibitor is expected to keep and maintain fire fighting equipment within his stall as per safety regulations and similarly portable emergency light/s be kept at his stall/s
    19. Under unforeseen and/or exceptional circumstances, the organizers reserve the right to change/after the floor plan/stall layout, the date, duration and timings of the exhibition.
    20. The exhibitor will be fully responsible for the insurance against all risks, safety and security of, his exhibits, himself, of his employees and of the public when at his stall/s.
    21. The organizers shall not be held responsible for any kind of tax liability and other unsettled issues and legal implications with Government and other Local Bodies/Authorities.
    22. Public announcements are not allowed from stalls directly to attract crowd for quiz or lucky draws or for any other reason.
    23. No demonstration/exhibit/substance or any such activity, shall be allowed at the stall/s, which may cause nuisance/harm to the public or other participants.
    24. No counter sales allowed to public. Exhibitor can book the orders and issue receipt in own name from own premises
    25. The exhibitors shall strictly adhere to all Rules and Regulations.
    26. In all matters not covered by these rules, and other disputes, complaints or claims pertaining to the exhibition, the verdict of the Organizing
      Committee shall be final and binding to all.